Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 years ago....
There are movies that seem to cast spells upon the people who watch them. On June 19, 1992 Batman Returns was released. I was 5 years old and I still remember it (however vaguely) to this day. It was my favorite gift come Christmas day and I remember making everyone watch it. I still have the VHS copy and lugged that thing for years to neighbors homes (most notably the Wilkey's) as well as on deer hunting trips (Yes, I was that obsessed with it). Tim Burton's Batman was great, but it was Batman Returns that really got me into the Batman mythos.

The villains, Catwoman and Penguin, had me spellbound (I still sort of have a crush on Pfeiffer's Catwoman) Each was also fairly complicated. I couldn't really hate either one because they were complex, possessing qualities of both bad and good people. But most notably they were "different," from what is deemed "normal" and I think I gravitated towards that (and probably why I gravitate to Batman as well. He's "normal" but also not "normal." Lauded and yet condemned. In the end, he is just trying to do his best and who can't relate to that?).

If I ever get into the entertainment business in either film or television, I know that it's because of this movie. Everything from the soundtrack to the set design  had me fascinated as a child. To me, Batman Returns, was magic--and even now sits highly upon my list (It's my 3rd favorite Batman movie in fact, right behind Nolan's Batman movies). It's influence is not only in entertainment, but in pure inspiration.

At some point, I want to make those kind's of movies (either write or direct). Movies, like Batman Returns, that are so grand and great that viewers don't simply remember it as a fleeting moment, but as a cherished memory. I will be forever grateful for Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Still brings a smile to my face...

To celebrate here are a few .gifs of my favorite moments from the film.



Note: all of my favorite scenes involve Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.... Coincidence?

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