Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Extremely Brief...

  Tom Hanks Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I just saw Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close... and all I can say is W-O-W! I had pretty high expectations for the film which is based on quite possibly my favorite book of all time, but it absolutely surpassed any expectations I had. I'm confused as to why it was panned by critics (it only has 46% approval on, because quite simply it has quickly risen to the upper echelon of films for 2011 in my eyes. Fortunately, the Academy used their collective brain (kinda surprising considering they snubbed DiCaprio, Gosling, Fassbender, and Theron this year) by awarding it a Best Picture nod, something I didn't see coming. Honestly, this might be the BEST film of 2011... which is saying a lot for someone who really, really, really liked The Descendants.

On a further note, Extremely Loud might be the most important post 9/11 film to date in the way it deals with our universal paranoia and sense of communal suffering in the days that preceded what Oskar Schell refers to in the film as "The Worst Day." We connect with the characters because we were all truly lost striving to understand a world pierced by terrorism.

When I get over what I need to get over, I'll be back to post a more detailed review. In the meantime go see this movie.... Suffice it to say, "I liked it... I really, really liked it!"


Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking a Break...

In lieu of recent events that transpired this past weekend (most notably a harrowing stay at the Beaver Lodge), I think it's time to take a little break. Frankly, I'm exhausted. I need a dozen Krispy Kremes, a bag of Chaos chips from Maverick, followed swiftly by a truckload of Ambien. Yeah. I. Be. Tired.

 I'll be back here--just not sure exactly when... Just need to walk a way from this for a bit. Kinda sucks 'cause I think there are now like 7 people who read this and very soon I might have had 8.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Most Anticipated Films for 2012...

Yup, here it is... And no there is really no need for a lead-in or introduction... Here it goes...

Seriously? Don't be pissed, I was tacky before I didn't introduce my blog posts. I don't need anyone telling me otherwise--after all I'm the guy who plugs Jersey Shore and Paula Dean's diabetes after all. It's not that big of a deal and let's be real y'all could care less about a "tacky" intro anyway. So without further adieu or personal attacks here it goes...

really for sure this time...

The CineMATTic's Most Anticipated Films for 2012... 

10. Dark Shadows- I look forward to almost anything Tim Burton does. He could make a commercial for toothpaste I'd probably pay to see it. Burton reunites with Johnny Depp (have they ever NOT made a movie together?) and Helena Bonham Carter (Seriously? There's gotta be another actress out there right?) in a film based on the cult 1960's  television series. Dark Shadows has vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, etc. which all seem right up Burton's creative alley. He should definitely be in his weird, quirky, inky black element. Michelle Pfeifer of Catwoman fame also is back with Burton here.

9. The Great Gatsby- Director Baz Luhrmann has decided we need another cinematic adaptation of this classic literary gem (apparently the Robert Redford version wasn't sufficient?). How will Luhrmann breathe new life into the story? He'll be shooting in 3D! The biggest reason I want to see this is to see if Luhrmann can finally subdue his obsession with spectacle and bring a film with heart and story to the big screen. His past film's like Austraila and Moulin Rouge failed here, but did manage to create indelible images for even casual moviegoers. The good news is he has a stellar cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire. Still, I'm a little concerned about seeing DiCaprio's massive forehead rendered in 3D but I guess that's Luhrmann's problem.

8. Life of Pi- Ang Lee, the visionary (?) director behind Brokeback Mountain and Hulk (the crappy version that didn't have Edward Norton in it) sets out to film what some say is unfilmable. Based on the wildly popular book, Ang Lee has his work cur out for him, but I surprisingly have a lot of faith in him. I've never read the book, but it is one of those that is looming on the reading list for quite some time. The book author Yann Martel states that Life of Pi is intended to make the reader believe in God. I'm interested to see if Lee takes this route or presents the story with more of a dissonance towards the theological themes Martel suggests.

7. The Cabin in the Woods- Joss Whedon produced this horror film promising it would be "...the horror movie to end all horror movies." That's a pretty big statement (kinda like J.Lo's butt in a glittering G-String), but if he can back it up--more power to him. I love scary movies and really hope someone can breathe some new life into the paralyzed genre. After watching Scre4m this past spring, I've started to doubt any resiliency in the genre (not that Scre4m was bad, I actually liked it a lot. It just didn't bring anything new to the table like I had hoped). Whedon is a fanboy's wet dream. Every comic geek from Tacoma to Topeka to Tampa loves him. He is famous mostly for bringing Buffy the Vampire Slayer to television (one thing's for certain Sarah Michelle Gellar's gottta love him). So I mean every geek has faith in him but this horror geek (ME aka Matty) doesn't quite yet know what to think. I guess I'll just have to wait to see this one...

6. The Avengers- Didn't I just mention Joss Whedon? Oh yeah, I sure did. Though he'll be scrutinized for his producing skills with The Cabin in the Woods, it's his directing that will cement his glory among the legion of nerds. Yes, Mr. Whedon (who has never directed a feature film), is tackling Marvel's crown jewel franchise with The Avengers. It's make or break time for both Whedon, but more importantly Marvel. This is THE film they've been trying to make for years, and now they're finally releasing it. It'll certainly be a big box-office draw, but it's unclear as to whether it'll be too many heroes and spectacle to juggle. Will there even be a story? This is maybe not the most anticipated film of the year for me, but it's definitely the trickiest film of the year and possibly the decade.

5. Prometheus- Ridley Scott returns to space and science fiction with Prometheus. This film started as a quasi-prequel to his Alien film franchise. Over time the film evolved into it's own identity with "nods" to Alien. Still, this is NOT an Alien prequel, at least the Fox marketing department wants us to believe. Regardless, Scott has a stellar cast with Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Noomi Rapace. The trailer looks interesting and really seems to mesh fantasy with fear quite nicely. It kinda feels like a flashback to the sci-fi 80's in fact. We'll see... Maybe Sigourney Weaver will make a cameo too? (Oh, wait this is NOT an Alien prequel--Got it!)

4. Django Unchained- Quentin Tarantino is back. He is such a revolutionary with the unique if sometimes quirky ways in which he tells his stories, that I'm not sure what we'll get out of his latest film. He says Django Unchained is "Not a Western, but a Southern." He is really good at telling us one thing and presenting something completely different altogether. Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds are prime examples as neither was entirely what it seemed. He always has a great cast and this is no different with Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kurt Russell, and THE kitchen sink... Okay, I'm joking, but seriously everyone is in this movie and that's not a bad thing--not in the hands of Tarantino.

3. The Master- Paul Thomas Anderson might be the greatest director out there today--PERIOD. Yes, he might be even bigger and actually a better storyteller than Christopher Nolan himself (Nolan fan ninjas descending on blog in 3.... 2.... 1....). Anderson is incredibly adept at telling the American experience through various tales: some strange, some normal, but all universally palpable. His films range from Boogie Nights and Magnolia to the darker There Will Be Blood. He can personify even the most alienating character and manages to always do so with deft dialogue and cunning cinematography. The Master stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman who creates a religious sect after returning from the Vietnam War. Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix also star.

2.The Hobbit- Peter Jackson returns to Middle-Earth. He'll have his work cut out for him, but it's Peter Jackson--after all isn't he half Hobbit? I mean, this guy won't let us down, but will have his work cut out for him in bringing the "less-epic" Tolkien story to the big screen. I'm sure some will disagree, but I never found much fun in The Hobbit, but with Jackson behind the lens, I'm quite excited.

1. The Dark Knight Rises- Do I really need to explain? No, I don't think so... If you wanna see some reasons why this is my most anticipated film for the year.... check here and here and here. I think because TDKR doesn't have many words that it deserves a picture... Right?!?

Can't wait... Even If I am a little tacky and a couple people hate me... ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mr. Scott? perhaps...

Aibileen didn't help much the other day... Apparently she isn't really real and can not therefore comfort me at least not physically. I guess the title of her movie "The Help" is just a load of crap--Minnie's sh!#% pie perhaps? Anyway, I've decided I'll turn to the only man who can always muster a smile for me... Michael Scott of Dunder-Mifflin.

Nope, even he's crying... Ugh. Thanks Michael. Anyway, the Most Anticipated Films for 2012 List is coming your way and should be posted late tonight. Look for it (all 6 of you, yes 6 people are actually reading this crap! I couldn't be prouder)...

Now that both Michael and Aibileen have let me down who to turn to next?

L.C.? Kelly Kapowski? Snooki? Ron Paul? Yep, I'm legitimately desperate. Any line with the names "Ron Paul" and/or "Snooki" are bleak at best. Who'd of thought in that lineup or any for that matter that the voice of reason is the 80's teen hearthrob famous for being Zack Morris' on-again-off-again-girlfriend (she was also influential in marketing "mom jeans" to an entire generation).

Yep, this is what it has come too... Cue the Saved By The Bell music... I'm headed to The Max. 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Need Me Some Aibileen...

I know. I promised I'd be posting a Most Anticipated films of 2012 list very soon (barring an unfortunate OG breadstick incident). No, nothing happened at The OG, but my life recently has been a mess. There is really no way to explain it, but I guess I could try. It's like if Ke$ha and Mitt Romney hooked up, got loaded Charlie Sheen style, and had a baby together that would summarize my life right now--conflicted and reeking of stale Cheetos and Barbasol (actually that sounds slightly better than my life right now). No, I'm not trying to be dramatic or even melodramatic (some have accused me of that already) it's more that I'm frantic.

You see, I'm tired of meandering through life, hoping today everything will change and be so much better. In fact I'm about as patient as a snow cone in a jacuzzi on a sweltering June afternoon. Sooner or later, something or someones gotta melt. I just hope it's not my snow cone (Tiger's Blood's a bitch of a stain to get out of clothes). It's not that things won't get's that they haven't gotten better. Still... they have to right?

Thanks Brad. But seriously, things have got to get better right? Regardless, I need something, anything really. I haven't slept in a while (I think even the cast of "Up All Night" gets more sleep than me) and feel myself turning into the male version of Joan Rivers--obnoxious, decrepit, tired, and in need of a serious face lift.

Anyway, I write all of this only to say that the list is coming (cue Michael Scott, "That's what she said!"), there's just a lot of "life stuff" getting in the way. Hopefully and through various miracles that'll be the case. (P.S. To those who have been praying for my sister I gotta say thank you again. We appreciate your love and support).

I do finally know what I need. I know it's a stretch, like Katherine Heigel sporting brunette locks and a Jersey accent, but I could really use Aibileen "Aibee" Clark from The Help. I know she'd know just what to say and exactly how to say it. As shown below... 

Yep, If Aibileen could sit me on her lap and tell me this and have me actually believe it, that'd make everything go away (except maybe the Barbasol). Sometimes all we need in life is someone to believe in us even when we don't deserve it. Yes, right now I need that...someone like Aibileen.   

Anyway, 'nuff of that. I'm gonna try and sleep earlier tonight. If that fails, and it probably will just like Rick Perry, then I wonder what movie I'll be watching?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

From the Archives... Last Year's Most Anticipated

 2011 is officially in the books and its now time to look ahead to 2012. Yes, we are sad to leave behind cinematic gems like Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and the utter snoozefest Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (seriously I think an episode of Golden Girls is/was scarier. Blanche Devereaux without make-up: absolutely frightening). Yet we move onward and upward--head's held high. There will be no tears shed for Eddie Murphy's failed career comeback and certainly no sadness for Miss Lohan who managed to pose for Playboy but still isn't quite out of jail (I guess she knows how all of Hugh's blond prisoners, leaches, homewreckers, messes, former hot beauty pagaent contestants, milfs, girlfriends feel). Anyway, lets focus on 2012. If the Mayans are right and they always are (they discovered Chocolate!) then this will be our last year of existence. Fortunately Brit has us prepared to (shameless and obligatory Spears reference/gif time) dance 'Till the World Ends.

Oops wrong animated .gif... Hate when that happens. I mean she's got Brit's moves and overall charisma, but I mean she is B---

B-L-L... BIG.... She is big really, really big... I mean other than her being "cruiseliner" size with "love-sac" consistency I see no real glaring differences between her and The Spears... 

Anyway, enough of that banter... I need some Red Bull and a dash of Adderall to keep this blog entry on track. I was saying it's time to look forward. Very soon, barring an unfortunate breadstick mishap at The OG, I will be posting my most anticipated upcoming films for 2012. So, in looking forward I thought it would also make sense to look back--kinda like when Doc Brown sends Marty the letter from the old west when Marty is in the present but not really cause he is stuck in the 50's and has to now go to the parrallel/other Doc Brown because they fudged with the space time continuum and now they gotta reset the whole thing like Joan Rivers face...(you still with me? yeah me neither. Adderall anyone?). Okay, okay that reference went way left field on us.. even Cubs fans favorite turtleneck  Steve Bartman couldn't catch that one.

Instead, let me summarize by saying I thought it would be cool to rummage around and pluck an old article from there--particularly an old most anticipated list. I found nothing exact, but did find something worth a post. Thought not a thorough list of my most anticipated films for 2011, it does give you a slight gauge of what I thought might be good. Enjoy... If you're still with me, all 5 of you... (Yes...I apparently have not 4 loyal readers but 5... Thank you! You know who you are).

Movie evaluator reviews TV spots (yeah. let it be known. I NEVER got to write my headlines)
University Journal
February 9, 2011
By: Matt Howard

Who would have thought that in a night when Christina Aguilera flubbed up the national anthem, the Black Eyed Peas flopped during their TRON inspired halftime and the Packers won the Super Bowl that all I could think about was how good the upcoming movie season could be?

Yet, that’s exactly the sentiment I came away with in the wake of my spinach artichoke dip, Mountain Dew-induced Super Bowl Sunday hangover. If the TV spots showcased during the big game are any indication of the success flicks will have this summer then I better start lining up now.

The TV spots for films did exactly what they were supposed to — create anticipation. In doing so, each spot has to show just enough to stick out among the bloated commercial onslaught, while simultaneously leaving much to the imagination. In short they give us a taste of their fry sauce, but withhold the fries, cheeseburger and Coke.

By far the best “fry sauce” of the night came with the TV spot for Super 8. Written and directed by every nerd’s hero, JJ Abrams, the film pays homage to Spielberg films of the 1980s. From its evocative cinematography to its inspiring musical accompaniment, this TV spot is breathtaking.

At times, the advertisement feels like E.T. while I can’t help but feel a dash of Close Encounters of Third Kind and The Goonies love there as well. All I know is that it looks beyond good, definitely great, with the possibility of being epic. I wonder if Abrams will go way nostalgic by throwing in some “truffle shuffle?” I certainly have my fingers crossed.

Another reason for my excitement is the presence of coach Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights fame, leaving me to proclaim that Super 8 simply “CAN’T LOSE!”

Okay, enough of my Super 8 obsession. The night was full of other movie spots. Surprisingly, the new Transformers actually looks exciting. After Revenge of the Fallen’s missteps with “Robot Heaven,” Optimus Prime sized plot holes, and Megan Fox not being near as sexy as she was in the original, I am left with no reason to see a third explosion-filled foray. Yet, the Super Bowl spot completely has me salivating. Dark and gritty are the best adjectives to describe the new Transformers flick.

Hopefully director Michael Bay has learned from his mistakes and is prepared to deliver a genuine cap to his trilogy. As for Shia, please don’t mess this up like you did Indiana Jones. Ruining franchises is career suicide — ask Jar Jar Binks.

The 2011 summer movie season looks to be saturated by superhero films. Marvel is releasing both Captain America and Thor. DC is releasing Green Lantern. None of the superhero movie spots did anything to differentiate themselves from one another. However, Captain America’s World War II setting does seem the most interesting. Nonetheless, Thor has Natalie Portman

Also looking to invade movie theatres this summer is aliens. Battle: Los Angleles and Cowboys and Aliens, look to terrorize and entertain as well.

Cowboys and Aliens has Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) as its stars, while Battle: Los Angeles has Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). While I must say Dent could take Bond any day, I have to go with Solo in the end. Similarly, I must say that Cowboys and Aliens looks slightly more interesting than Battle: Los Angeles, like a sequel or rehash of alien epic District 9 — which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Near the end of the game, we finally caught a glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow back in action in the fourth installment of the wildly successful Pirates franchise. As excited as I am for this film, the TV spot did little to inspire me. Instead of giving me that “fry sauce,” all I got were stale crumbs. In fact, I actually lost interest in the film after the TV spot. Depp and devoted Disney fans like me deserve more. Hopefully, the film is far better than the commercial or else this film may end up not on “stranger tides,” but “bankrupt beaches.”

Unlike Fergie’s halftime howling, the TV spots were actually worth my time. And for the most part the movie commercials played their tune correctly — something Miss Aguilera certainly couldn’t do. Hopefully this was a sign of a summer movie season akin more to the Packers and less to the Cavaliers.

Check back real soon (all 5 of you) for my list of the Most Anticipated Films of 2012...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nolan and 'The Batman Canon'...

The more the weeks pass and the seasons change (Utah’s still waiting on winter), one thing seems to be undeviating at the megaplex--the collective anticipation for Christopher Nolan's final Batman foray in The Dark Knight Rises. The movie has sold out at IMAX theatres in major markets for the midnight showing—and we still have 7 months left. Someone could conceivably conceive a child and give birth days before the film even flickers on the projector. That’s pretty amazing. Further, people actually applaud after the trailer is shown--an absolute rarity of which I have never seen (except when Tosh rips trailers on his show, but obviously that's different). Probably not since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has there been such "foaming-mouth" eagerness for a film.

Will it live up to the hype is entirely different than can it live up to the hype? And let’s be honest, this hype is something far different than what we generally consider ‘hype,’ even at the movie theatre. Sure there was hype when Kim Kardashian got hitched. There was similar hype when the new iPhone debuted. Yet, none of that compares to nerdgasm of anticipation welling in the minds of comic geeks the world over.

Though Batman Begins was a great film, it wasn’t until The Dark Knight the bar was truly set. Some refer to TDK as the greatest comic book film of all-time. It’s honestly not even debatable. Ledger’s performance, the stunning cinematography, the post-911 sub-text, and the Best Picture snub (Interestingly, the Academy expanded the Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10 after effing Nolan over).

It’s easy to deduce that crafting a film that surpasses its predecessor (TDK) is the real Mission: Impossible come this July. Though it seems all hope is lost, there is hope—which is at least well hopeful. The wild card in all of this is Mr. Nolan who has molded an already epic Batman film duo with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and one can only assume that his finale is as good as the near perfect predecessors. I'm also sure that with yet another post about TDKR and Batman all my readers (yes all 4 of you if you count my sister's dog Daisy) are tired of the exhaustive Caped Crusader coverage. I'll admit it, I'm obsessed. But I'm not going to stop; doing so would be the blogging equivalent of asking Paula Dean to abstain from cooking with butter. Yeah, not happening anytime soon.

This blog entry though is about why I think Mr. Nolan is set for not only succeeding, but surpassing previous entries. Yes, I’m honestly going on record saying The Dark Knight Rises will be the BEST Batman film Nolan has made--and really this reasoning comes simply after viewing the trailer. Yet, the reason for such confidence in this statement is simple: The comic book source material.

I’m sure some of you (all 4 of you) are shaking your heads in collective confusion. Let me explain with what my High School art teacher Kristy Carter used to say, “Always, always, always show with image what can’t be said with words." Thanks Kristy, she also taught me to both love and loathe Enya.

As a comic book geek myself, I admit that most of what I say will not be understood—kinda like when I took Calculus in high school (Thank Bob for Mr. Marelli). Nonetheless, and in the words of Batman himself, “stay with me…”

In the comic book realm, Batman and his extensive lore can be boiled down in what are typified as being the “Batman Canon.” Made up of three graphic novels, the canon is influential in covering Batman in three distinct points of his life. The three graphic novels are Batman: Year One, Batman: The Long Halloween, and The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman: Year One, much like the film Batman Begins portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in his earliest stages, exploring the “why” and “how” Batman does what he does. Nolan was very influenced by Batman: Year One. It helped set the framework for Nolan's hyper-realistic take on Batman.


Even the poster/cover of each work is eerily similar. Further, Batman: Year One and Batman Begins is integral to showing how and why Batman and James Gordon come to trust and work with one


Remember this scene in the film, when Gordon tells Batman about the Joker? Well, it actually came from Batman: Year One. It worked so well, Nolan plugged it into his franchise. Batman wouldn't be the same without it...


Though the death of The Wayne's is nothing new to Batman lore, it's hard to argue that Nolan didn't entireley rip his scene from the comics. The positions of both Bruce and his parents in each are identical. Each evokes an identical feeling of just how lonely Bruce has now become--a lonelieness that will forge him into The Batman also known as The Dark Knight...

With the sequel The Dark Knight, Nolan turned to Batman: The Long Halloween (Spoiler alert from here out, ye be warned). In The Long Halloween, the mob led by the Falcone crime family hire the villains of Gotham (Joker, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, etc.) to do their dirty work and keep Batman at bay. Sound familiar? It certainly sounds like a synopsis for The Dark Knight doesn’t it? Also in the book is the two-faced personality of Harvey Dent, which again is prevalent in TDK. Check the visual similarities below…


Though not entirely similar both poster and cover do share some similarities. Notice the blue hues in each.

Obviously Nolan and cinematographer Wally Pfister looked no further than the source material for TDK.

Yes, Two-Face is pretty much the same in the comics, but in both TDK and The Long Halloween, they're almost duplicates of one another, like those twins from SisterSister Tia and Tamara (seriously, nobody can tell the difference).

Anyway, I think you get my drift. Nolan was heavily influenced by The Long Halloween.

Now comes The Dark Knight Rises, set 8 years after the events of TDK. This makes me think that Nolan will tackle arguably the greatest graphic novel of all time—The Dark Knight Returns. He is literally going for it all--like Charles Barkley at a Krispy Kreme. He’s biting off a lot more than most directors could chew, but remember this is Nolan. I Believe in Chris Nolan. You should too. How could he top The Dark Knight? Well, he’ll start by at least emulating the core canonical source material. Though the film isn’t out yet, we do have the trailer. Check out the similarities...


Hmmmmmm? Doesn't that look interesting. Honestly though, neither character is the same. The comic book character is the leader of 'the mutants,' while the other is Bane. Coincidentally, each is a leader of a band striving to overthrow Gotham. When the original pictures of Bane were released, some nerds complained, but if you look at what Nolan might be going for it makes a lot of sense. Even the colors in both images are similar. Could this simply be a mere coincidence? I really don't think so.


I'm right, Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhttttttt?


You'll have to look close.. real close, but it seems Nolan is replicating the "worn-out" Batman look found in the comic. Though Christian Bale is sans mustache, they both have a similar frazzled demeanor. Neither looks ready to "save Gotham." They both look flat out wore out and frankly tired. Nolan didn't randomly set The Dark Knight Rises 8 years after TDK  just for kicks and giggles. He did it to emulate what's been done in the comics. Oh, and just a slight possible spoiler, but if Nolan is following The Dark Knight Returns story well be prepared for a funeral in Rises--well kinda. ;)


More similarities? Yes, each is THE Batmobile, but look at what Batman's got in Rises...

Okay, I think I've used plenty of proof here to show that Nolan, with his three Batman films, is seeking to create the film version canon of the comic book source material. If this is the truth, I see no way he can't succeed.

Oh, and what about this scene from the trailer? Where could Nolan be "plucking?"

Hmmmmmm? I wonder if maybe this could be where we are also headed?

But that's a subject for another blog and another time. You know this aint the last Batman blog... 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Lil' Break...

Seriously, sorry for the silence the last little while (Again, I know all 3 of you are super concerned about my lack of posting). Anyway, I'll be back and better than ever. There's just a lot of things going on in my life (personal and private) that have taken a lot of time to attend to (and no I'm not talking about my addiction to Jersey Shore which is neither personal nor private). Regardless life takes time and I've been feelin' it lately...


Though those personal issues haven't changed drastically, they are becoming increasingly better. Lots of prayers have gone my way and I'm appreciative of those. I'm thankful just that people take time out of their busy days to think of others (especially my family).Which brings me to another point, it's better to be thought of than not at all. Yes, I'm sure even on the bad days Lindsay Lohan appreciates Pitbull rapping about her being "locked up." Riiiigggghhhhhtttt?

Sorry for the mini-rant...
Glad LC has my back... I'm ready to start over again.

Blogging commencing... NOW!

P.S. I have a shameless confession to make... I really miss LC and The Hills. Now all she does is design clothing for Kohl's... sigh

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The CineMATTIC's Best of Film 2011...

I was seriously considering writing something clever about what a year at the megaplex 2011 was and then I just decided to take a cue from "The Spears" and get on with the list…

  Isn't she just the voice of reason?

Without further adieu, my selections for Best Films of 2011...
HONORABLE MENTIONS (in no particular order): The Ides of March, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Young Adult, Midnight In Paris, Tree of Life.

10. Like Crazy – “...the perfect love story without being perfect at all. There is no Nicholas Sparks schmaltz, no John Hughes nostalgia--only real, raw, authentic, love. Though it's characters navigate through all the stereotypical moments of first love (the kiss, the awkward date, the terms of endearment, the heartbreak, etc.), they do so with such authenticity that we feel like Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are really falling for each other. It's easy to see how Like Crazy swept Sundance off it's feet, because quite literally it floored me.” 
9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- “This is David Fincher’s version of female Fight Club. For years Fincher has been derided (and deservedly so) for his supposed hate for women, at least in Fight Club. Yet, Dragon Tattoo is the anti-male movie, with a fiercely quiet Rooney Mara saving the day and the man like some female version of a punk-rock superhero. It’s dark, but daring and all the while reinvents and redefines what femininity can be in the new millennium.”

8. Crazy, Stupid, Love –“Might just be the best romantic comedy since Pretty Woman. It’s clever, distinctively quirky, and all the while unquestionably warm. It’s also extremely well cast and reads like a “who’s who” of Hollywood’s hottest stars with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, and don’t forget about Marisa Tomei all leading the way. This movie deftly captures love, that is both crazy and stupid and even a little over the top—well almost all the time.”
"Moneyball Poster"
7. Moneyball- “A film that sidesteps all the sports movie clich├ęs by creating an absorbing niche as a character study. It’ll still have you standing on your feet, but it does so in such a unique way that you almost forget your watching a movie about baseball, but rather a movie about life. Brad Pitt turns in a performance far more grounded than he has in recent memory.”


6. Bridesmaids – “Funnier in almost every way than the so-called crown jewel of comedy The Hangover. The acting is superb and the situations laugh-ou-loud hilarious. Kristen Wiig is a modern day Carol Burnett with her wit and undeviating talent to make every moment on screen both awkward and authentic. Even still, It’s Melissa McCarthy who steals the show as the overweight yet undeniably infectious bridesmaid. We can only hope there’s a sequel on the horizon.”
5. Super 8- “JJ Abrams love note to Spielberg films of the 80's is entertaining, while also reminding us exactly why we like movies so much. Its nostalgic when it needs to be, while not overstaying its welcome. The cast again is stellar with each character actually being a character, with real personalities and real emotion. Abrams deftly blends sci-fi with familial drama in a way that simply hasn't been seen, well since Spielberg. Super 8 might be our generations’ version of E.T. or Goonies, but one thing is for certain it's a film we'll never forget...”
4. The Help-“You is smart. You is kind. You is important. Honestly, those words alone catapult The Help this far. Sure, it’s a movie about civil rights, but more importantly a film about finding yourself—and being okay with whatever you are. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer headline the cast, but it’s the utter joy of Jessica Chastain and the unflinching hate of Bryce Dallas Howard that provide the emotional backbone for the film. This film makes me want to believe that I am in fact smart, kind, and most of all, important."  

3. Drive- “Every frame of the film is like a piece of art, a 21st century fresco highlighted in neon grunge and bathed in dark shadows. It’s violent, bloody, and has the biggest WTF moment of the year with a slow motion shotgun-blast-decapitation. Sure, Drive is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s so daring with its house infused synth tracks that both the sound and visuals combine to bore deep into your veins. Rarely do films haunt me like Drive did, but it’s become not only my neon nightmare, but the dark art house flick I never dreamed of liking let alone loving.”
2. War Horse-“… a masterpiece of staggering emotional proportions. It’s quite simply one of the best films of the year. War Horse might be described as the most manipulative film in recent memory. There’s really nothing that can be said about a film this flawless that moves both seamless and with such soft-as-satin sentimentality as War Horse.”

1. The Descendants- “Rarely do films manage to blend comedy and realism—well realistically. It’s authenticity lies not in the plot or action but in the subtle and even silent moments in the film. We feel as they fell, because they represent the human condition so closely. By the film’s conclusion we find no real happy ending, probably because life offers no fairy tale respite. Rather life goes on, we move on, the sun comes out tomorrow and yes however bleak it may appear hope indeed never dies. Don’t miss this movie. It may not be the “feel good movie of the year,” but it is certainly the “feel right” one.”

Well.. there you have it... That's it till next year...