Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Extremely Brief...

  Tom Hanks Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I just saw Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close... and all I can say is W-O-W! I had pretty high expectations for the film which is based on quite possibly my favorite book of all time, but it absolutely surpassed any expectations I had. I'm confused as to why it was panned by critics (it only has 46% approval on, because quite simply it has quickly risen to the upper echelon of films for 2011 in my eyes. Fortunately, the Academy used their collective brain (kinda surprising considering they snubbed DiCaprio, Gosling, Fassbender, and Theron this year) by awarding it a Best Picture nod, something I didn't see coming. Honestly, this might be the BEST film of 2011... which is saying a lot for someone who really, really, really liked The Descendants.

On a further note, Extremely Loud might be the most important post 9/11 film to date in the way it deals with our universal paranoia and sense of communal suffering in the days that preceded what Oskar Schell refers to in the film as "The Worst Day." We connect with the characters because we were all truly lost striving to understand a world pierced by terrorism.

When I get over what I need to get over, I'll be back to post a more detailed review. In the meantime go see this movie.... Suffice it to say, "I liked it... I really, really liked it!"


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