Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Need Me Some Aibileen...

I know. I promised I'd be posting a Most Anticipated films of 2012 list very soon (barring an unfortunate OG breadstick incident). No, nothing happened at The OG, but my life recently has been a mess. There is really no way to explain it, but I guess I could try. It's like if Ke$ha and Mitt Romney hooked up, got loaded Charlie Sheen style, and had a baby together that would summarize my life right now--conflicted and reeking of stale Cheetos and Barbasol (actually that sounds slightly better than my life right now). No, I'm not trying to be dramatic or even melodramatic (some have accused me of that already) it's more that I'm frantic.

You see, I'm tired of meandering through life, hoping today everything will change and be so much better. In fact I'm about as patient as a snow cone in a jacuzzi on a sweltering June afternoon. Sooner or later, something or someones gotta melt. I just hope it's not my snow cone (Tiger's Blood's a bitch of a stain to get out of clothes). It's not that things won't get's that they haven't gotten better. Still... they have to right?

Thanks Brad. But seriously, things have got to get better right? Regardless, I need something, anything really. I haven't slept in a while (I think even the cast of "Up All Night" gets more sleep than me) and feel myself turning into the male version of Joan Rivers--obnoxious, decrepit, tired, and in need of a serious face lift.

Anyway, I write all of this only to say that the list is coming (cue Michael Scott, "That's what she said!"), there's just a lot of "life stuff" getting in the way. Hopefully and through various miracles that'll be the case. (P.S. To those who have been praying for my sister I gotta say thank you again. We appreciate your love and support).

I do finally know what I need. I know it's a stretch, like Katherine Heigel sporting brunette locks and a Jersey accent, but I could really use Aibileen "Aibee" Clark from The Help. I know she'd know just what to say and exactly how to say it. As shown below... 

Yep, If Aibileen could sit me on her lap and tell me this and have me actually believe it, that'd make everything go away (except maybe the Barbasol). Sometimes all we need in life is someone to believe in us even when we don't deserve it. Yes, right now I need that...someone like Aibileen.   

Anyway, 'nuff of that. I'm gonna try and sleep earlier tonight. If that fails, and it probably will just like Rick Perry, then I wonder what movie I'll be watching?


  1. I believe in you and I love ya like a brother. Whatever is going on, it will pass. One thing is for sure, the clock never stops ticking, so everything, in its own time, will pass on by.

    And I'll be your Aibileen: "You is smart, You is Kind, You is Important." I tell my baby girl this every night (although I speak it in proper English), so I can say it to you too!

    Smile. :)

  2. Love it Keena. Thanks for believing and being my Aibileen.