Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Lil' Break...

Seriously, sorry for the silence the last little while (Again, I know all 3 of you are super concerned about my lack of posting). Anyway, I'll be back and better than ever. There's just a lot of things going on in my life (personal and private) that have taken a lot of time to attend to (and no I'm not talking about my addiction to Jersey Shore which is neither personal nor private). Regardless life takes time and I've been feelin' it lately...


Though those personal issues haven't changed drastically, they are becoming increasingly better. Lots of prayers have gone my way and I'm appreciative of those. I'm thankful just that people take time out of their busy days to think of others (especially my family).Which brings me to another point, it's better to be thought of than not at all. Yes, I'm sure even on the bad days Lindsay Lohan appreciates Pitbull rapping about her being "locked up." Riiiigggghhhhhtttt?

Sorry for the mini-rant...
Glad LC has my back... I'm ready to start over again.

Blogging commencing... NOW!

P.S. I have a shameless confession to make... I really miss LC and The Hills. Now all she does is design clothing for Kohl's... sigh

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