Monday, November 14, 2011

Best of Film 2011 so far... (Preview)

Yes, as Oscar season approaches, it's become increasingly aware to me to write some sort of review/synopsis of the films I've seen, enjoyed, hated, etc. Oscar season ushers in loads of awards fare, quite simply too much to keep up with. So, it's a good time to reflect and report.

Though the actual post for "Best of Film 2011" will not be up till later, let's just say a certain movie is on the list..

Wonder what it could possibly be? Check back tonight for the complete list...

Oh, and big props to EMMA STONE for both being in some really exceptional films this year (The Help and Crazy. Stupid. Love.) as well as hosting quite possibly the best episode of SNL in years. She was spot on and could easily be a full-time cast member (Justin Timberlake too). Someone get on that... 

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