Wednesday, November 9, 2011

July 2012... get here... MEOW!

So, I'm a huge Batman fan which I realize is like saying Lindsay Lohan likes alcohol or Oprah Winfrey likes Hometown Buffet. Regardless, I'm beyond excited for this next installment of Christopher Nolans-- The Dark Knight Rises. Though I try not to be spoiled... I just can't help myself. EVER. I found this awesome and dare I say "bitchin" (can we say bitchin on the internet?) set video from the NYC where Rises was filming... I promise it aint too spoilery... After all, this film is directed by Mr. Nolan and judging by any of his films we never have any clue what's going on till we actually see it.

Ch-Ch-Check it out!


 ...And just the thing to pull me out of my melancholy (English major vocab.) today... Needed that like The Office needs a Michael Scott comeback.


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