Friday, December 16, 2011


So y'all know I love me some House music... Techno blasts from my iPod all the time. Kaskade, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, etc. You get the point, I love that kind of music. It makes me want to pump my fist and bounce with the ladies (No Grenades please). Robyn of 1990's "show me love" fame has faded from the public limelight way before Y2K was still deemed a threat and blond streaks in your hair were considered "cool."

Anyway, Robyn has been resurrected, finding a healthy niche in the house music department. I love her club electro-pop hit "call your girlfriend," but honestly her video is straight up crazy... I mean look at her... her outfit seems to be made of Hamster pelts, her haircut is an anemic Lloyd Christmas knockoff, and those spandex pants look like the fashion results of a one-night stand between Under Armor and Boy George.

Yep, bottom line this video is so ridiculous it could be an SNL skit... No worries, they thought so too. They spoofed it! Check out both videos below and lemme know what you think.

Her version...

SNL's version... LMAO

Seriously.... soooooooooooo funny. 


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